Colorado Native Nikki Giron is a Singer/Songwriter Alto Saxophonist. At a very young age, Nikki Giron was inspired by the great Elvis Presley. She had always loved to sing but she knew after being introduced to Elvis Presley by her grandmother that she wanted to be a STAR. She then started to play piano and saxophone. Throughout the course of her musical career Nikki Giron has been a major part of various bands playing Alto Saxophone and performing vocals. Nikki has a love for soul, R&B and jazz music that is captured in her vocal styling. She started creating songs at 14 years old where she continued to share her music with others. She is a graduate of  the University of Colorado Denver Music Business program with a minor in History. Nikki Giron is a trained musician and singer. She is consistently working on new material and expanding her musical knowledge. She has a love for oldies and pushes the boundary for fashion and style based on various influences. Her love for all things vintage reflects in her music. She is inspired and influenced by a plethora of diverse artists from Tori Amos and Norah Jones to Donny Hathaway and Ella Fitzgerald.